Weapon Length, or reach, often means the difference between striking one's enemy and missing them entirely. Weapon length has been divided into six categories:

  1. Hand (fists, daggers, knee-strikes, grappling) less than 1' reach
  2. Short (hatchets, short swords, long knives) less than 2' reach
  3. Medium (arming swords, flails) less than 4' reach
  4. Long (greatswords and bastard swords, spears) less than 6' reach
  5. Very Long (long spears, polearms) less than 8' reach
  6. Extremely long (pikes, lances) everything over 8' reach

Attacks against a longer weapon are made at -1 CP for each “step” (i.e.: Short to Medium, or Medium to Long) the attacker wishes to close - attacking a Pikeman with a dagger would cost 5 CP! This penalty holds until the shorter weapon makes a damaging strike, after which the penalty transfers to the longer weapon until he scores a damaging blow, when again the penalty goes to the shorter weapon. When the shorter weapon is out of range this penalty applies only to attacks; when the longer weapon is penalized, it applies to both offense and defense.

Often the best course of action for long weapons is to use a full evasion in the event of sudden close combat or to drop weapons and wrestle Certain maneuvers (such as the Half-sword) are particularly effective in such situations. Likewise, many weapons - such as spears and other two-handed weapons - may shorten their reach.

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