Traditional Schools are more conservative in their approach to weapons and methods. They tend to run on a little more ritual and spend a lot of time investigating potential students who must join and pay the school or guild. The focus here is military, judiciary (for duels), and the brutal elimination of life. Traditional schools are usually organized as guilds.

Traditional Schools tend to favor heavier 1- or 2-handed weapons and heavy armor.

Enrollment Requirements: A character may usually only enroll in a traditional school if he is a High Freeman (or higher). There may also be an additional enrollment fee (determined by the Seneschal) and a monthly due to be paid. Because traditional schools emphasize heavy weapons and armor, there are often physical requirements for entry.

Primary Focus: Usually a heavy weapon Proficiency

Specialization: Usually Longsword, Bastard Sword, or a similar heavy weapon.

Secondary Focus: 2 or 3 Proficiencies that are complimentary to the Primary focus.

Outside Focus: Usually 1-2 Sharp weapons if the primary focus is Bashing, or vise versa.

Special Benefits: Weapon Specializations gain +2 instead of the usual +1. Additionally, when the character reaches a school investment of 12 points he can use the Master Strike maneuver (which is normally not available until a Proficiency level of 15) and at -1 on the usual activation cost.

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