(not stuff to “fix” with Riddle of Steel but rather to fix on this wiki)

  • Finish transcribing core, Companion, FoB, and oBaM rules
  • Iron out overlaps (favor new rules over old)


One of the main problems with Riddle of Steel as published is that a number of good rules are in disparate places.


Get the hell rid of it


Get the hell rid of them

Social Status

  • Clarify wtf etiquette is for and how it interacts with a character's status.
  • Make starting money make sense in relation to equipment costs
  • basically integrate the hell into the rest of the system if possible


  • Product (produce?) damage table for swinging attacks with puncturing weapons? E.g. for the war_hammer, which one wouldn't thrust in order to use as a piercing weapon, you'd just swing with the pick end instead of the hammer end.
  • Figure out multiple-combatant combat (more than one fighter per side)
  • Make ranged weapons make sense
  • Sort out Winding & Binding and Grappling so they're presentable.


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