What are Spiritual Attributes?

All characters have three sets of attributes.

  • Temporal attributes govern the character’s physical aspects – his Strength, his Toughness and so on.
  • Mental attributes govern his mind and force of will – his Wit, his Mental Aptitude, his Social ability, and the like. To continue the paradigm, the third set of attributes could be said to govern his soul.
  • Spiritual Attributes define a character’s drives, motivations, and goals. We’ve all experienced love and hatred, we’ve all had goals and ambitions, and most of us have experienced the exhilaration of being able to push ourselves further and harder when we were doing something related to those things – because we truly cared about something we did just that little bit better when working towards it.

All characters pick 5 Spiritual Attributes. Each one can have any value from zero up to a maximum of 5. However, the SA itself, not the score in the SA, determines how passionate the character is about the specific thing. A person with Faith 4 is not necessarily more devout than another person with a Faith of 1, and having a low Passion score doesn’t mean that you love the target of the Passion any less than you did when its value was higher.

How are they used?

Spiritual Attributes can be used on the fly to grant additional dice on individual rolls in furtherance of that attribute. Spiritual Attributes refresh every game session for this purpose.

They can also be spent permanently as a means of character development. Seneschals may grant Spiritual Attribute points as a reward for character actions in pursuit of that character's listed attributes.

Types of Spiritual Attributes

Spending Spiritual Attributes

see the Spending SA article.

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