Note: this article is just a regrouping of skills by general purpose, as opposed to an alphabetical listing. Skills are already broken down into handy skill packages that summarize things pretty well, but they overlap a bit. So here's a more hard-nosed split, with no one skill in more than one category.


Brainy stuff. Law overlaps a bit with the Social group.

Could be boiled down a bit:

  • One linguistics skill to cover Ancient Languages, Language, and Secret Languages
  • Arcane Theory, Ritual Magic, Symbol Drawing could all be one skill
  • Consolidate Law, Heraldry into one Politics skill
  • Drop Meditation as it has no clear mechanical application
  • Leave the rest alone


Skills that are used to distract people from the tedium of existence.


Skills that are mostly concerned with weapons or killing.


Skills that one might generally associate with thieves and spies. Climbing is an edge case here.


Skills that largely revolve around manipulating other people's sentiments.

Could be boiled down to three skills:

  • Endear (make people like you – etiquette, diplomacy and seduction are usually used for this)
  • Persuade (make people do as you suggest willingly – persuasion, oration and leadership are all parts of this)
  • Manipulate (make people do something they don’t want to – Intrigue, Intimidate, Ridicule and perhaps Seduction are all used for this frequently)


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