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Core Die Mechanic

When a roll of dice is necessary, the DM calls for a number of d10s to be thrown against a Target Number (TN). All dice showing a value equal to or greater than the TN are successes. For some tasks, the DM may require more than one success for a good result.

Some tasks (particularly combat actions) are contested rolls. In these cases, the parties involved each roll dice against their own target numbers, with whoever gets the most successes winning. In the event of a tie, the character that initiated the task succeeded, but with no margin of victory. In combat this means no damage dealt.

Margin of Success (MoS) is the number of successes in excess of what was needed. An attack with 5 successes against a parry with 3 successes has a MoS of 2 (5 minus 3), which factors into the severity of the blow landed.


Character Creation



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