Progressive Schools quickly embrace new technologies and techniques, often before they are fully proven. Their emphasis is on street-weapons fi rst and foremost, with a secondary emphasis on public demonstrations of martial skill and duels of honor. Anyone that can pay the tuition and uphold the school rules is admitted. Progressive schools are usually organized as guilds.

Progressive schools favor light (or no) armor and lighter, thrusting weapons.

Enrollment Requirements: A character may usually only enroll in a progressive school if he is a High Freeman (or higher). There may also be an additional enrollment fee (determined by the Seneschal) and a monthly due to be paid. Speed and maneuverability are very important to progressive schools, and this is often reflected in physical requirements for entry.

Primary Focus: Often Rapier (or Case of Rapiers) or Cut & Thrust

Specialization: Usually a light thrusting weapon

Secondary Focus: 2 or 3 Proficiencies that are complimentary to the Primary focus.

Outside Focus: Often a throwing Profi ciency and 1-2 other Proficiencies similar to the focus.

Special Benefits: The Duck & Weave evasion may be performed with a TN of 7 instead of the usual 9 (but only if the character is wearing no armor any heavier than standard leather). Additionally, after the character has a school investment of 10 points or more, he can elect to set aside up to 6 dice before an attack to adjust the D6 hit location roll after the attack has been determined. Each 2 dice set aside allows the character to adjust the D6 roll by 1 in either direction. This benefi t does stack with the minor or major accuracy gift.

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