Surprise, surprise! Poisons in The Riddle of Steel are fucking dangerous.

Poison TN to locate/collect Grow in herb garden? Successes Base Max
Arsenic (Realgar) 9 No 1 8 10
Arsenic (White) 9 No 2 9 12
Belladonna 6 Yes 1 7 10
Curare 12 No 3 8 12
Cyanide 8 Yes 4 10 14
Ergot 7 Yes 1 7 9
Meadow Saffron 7 Yes 1 6 10
Hemlock 8 Yes 1 8 12
Ricin 9 Yes 2 8 12
Wolfsbane 7 Yes 1 6 10

TN to locate is the target for a Perception test representing one half-day of foraging for the correct ingredients. Successes is the number of Herbalist successes needed to produce one useful dose. On a failed Herbalist roll, the ingredients are ruined. On a botched Herbalist roll you get self-exposure issues.

Successfully creating the poison creates a dose at the base TN listed. Additional successes above those needed increase the TN on a 1:1 basis not to exceed the Max listed.

If desired, the Herbalist may fashion a poison of carefully determined effect so as to take the target to a specific level on the individual poison effect chart, but no further. This may be done by simply adding 1 to the minimum number of required successes.

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