Note: This is a house rule means of dealing with multiple-character combats, not core rules

The Riddle of Steel combat rules generally assume a single character facing one or more opponents. When multiple player characters come into conflict with multiple non-player characters, expand the normal general combat outline a bit:

At the beginning of combat, after checking for surprise and hesitation, but before declaring stances, any combatant that is not surprised may set aside dice from his expected combat pool for a terrain roll. The combatant with the most successes may select which opponents (if any) he will engage during the first round. Selection continues from the combatant with the most successes down to the least successes. In the event of a tie, the combatant with the higher Reflex attribute wins. If you didn't put many dice in and nobody wanted to fight you, you get to sit around and wait for the next round.

Now that everybody has their opponents determined, combat is resolved as normal for the combatant that had the best terrain roll and whatever opponents he is engaged with. At the end of each round (two full exchanges), play moves on to the next engagement until all engaged combatants have acted. After all engaged combatants have completed their second exchange, a new terrain roll opportunity is available to everybody, possibly allowing wounded combatants to peel off and for those left out last round to join the fray.

When using this house rule, it is useful to think of the Blood Loss Check and Fatigue phases of the combat round as at the end of the round, rather than the beginning as stated in the rules. This makes the combat flow go as follows:

  2. Dice Pool Refresh (less shock, pain, fatigue)
  3. Terrain Rolls
  4. Individual Engagements:
    1. First Half of the Exchange of Blows
    2. Resolve Damage and/or Determine New Attitude
    3. Second Half of the Exchange of Blows
    4. Resolve Damage and/or Determine New Attitude
    5. Blood Loss Check
    6. Fatigue
    7. Move on to next engagement
  5. Repeat as necessary
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