Where currency is referred to in this wiki, it is assuming a conversion rate of:

From… To… Modern Equivalent
1 Gold Coin 20 Silver Coins $1,000.00
1 Silver Coin 12 Copper Coins $50.00
1 Copper Coin 4 Quarter-bits $4.16 ($4.00)
1 Quarter-bit $1.04 ($1.00)

This is basically the pre-decimalisation version of British currency, which traditionally had 1 pound worth 20 shillings, which was worth 12 pence, which was worth four farthings. In this case the assumption seems to be that a cut copper coin is typically used, as opposed to a specifically-minted quarter-copper coin (hence a “bit”).

When three prices are listed, they refer to the possibility of heavier or lighter-than-standard currency, thusly:

Coin Weight Effect of Size
Smaller 0.5x Imperial Standard
Imperial Standard
Larger 1.5x Imperial Standard
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