Offensive or Defensive

The jewel of the art of fighting is the Master-Strike, a type of hit that both defends and offends in one motion. It is found in every school in every land with a different name and possibly even a different “how,” but the “what” remains the same. This is how the masters kill. The technique, as it applies in The Riddle of Steel, can be used either as an offensive or defensive maneuver which in many ways resembles the Simultaneous Block/Strike Maneuver, but which uses only one weapon!

As an Offense

Declare a Master-Strike alongside any cutting attack and pay the activation cost. Divide the attacking dice into offense and defense, in any proportion. This is clearly most useful in a situation where both of you are attacking at once, such as the infamous “red-red” throw for initiative. If your opponent is not attacking, but waiting to receive (white die), then any set-aside defense dice cancel out any stance bonus dice at an exchange rate of 2 defense dice for every 1 bonus die. Stance bonus dice cannot be cancelled out lower than zero (0).

As a Defense

Declare a Master-Strike as your defense or alongside a Parry and pay the activation cost. Split this exchange’s dice into offense and defense. Roll the defense first, as your opponent attacks. If your defense is successful, carry the dice in your Margin of Success over into the offensive roll!

Should your defense fail, regardless of offensive or defensive role, the attack also fails, and all dice assigned to it are lost.

This maneuver is not available until Proficiency level 15!

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