Each language or dialect should be taken as its own Language skill, but languages that are very close or which are regional or belief-based variations of each other should be able to default at a standard penalty of +2 or +3 depending on how close the variations are (Italian and Spanish might default to each other at +2, for example).

Actual skill rolls for languages should not be called for very often. As a rule, Beginner or Novice skill levels (TN 8 or 9) will require a skill roll at the start of a conversation with another speaker of the language to be able to speak it at all. An Apprentice can carry on basic conversations without rolling unless difficult words come up. As soon as a character is at least Competent (TN6 or better) in a language, he will never need to make skill rolls unless he is trying to copy specific accents or pass himself off as a native of the language. It is not possible to make Untrained rolls for languages – if you don’t know it then you don’t know it and no amount of “try, try again” is going to help.

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