Hunting or Trapping

These are actually two separate but related skills, both used for catching animals for food.

To hunt game roll Per/Hunting against the prey's Per/Evasion (a statistic possessed by game animals. For those without it, use Per at a TN of 7). It's a contested and extended roll. When the hunter gains 5 successes (calculated from the margin of success, of course) then the prey is caught – kill it using regular combat rules. During the hunt, each roll is made about every three hours. Should the prey gain five successes over the hunter, then it has successfully evaded and may not be found again that day. Dogs and hunting parties may add dice to a hunter's pool, though never more than +3.

For quicker resolution, hunting may be rolled uncontested, where more successes mean a bigger catch. One might be a rabbit, while three could be a deer and five a large boar. Only one such roll may be made in a day, and the whole day is assumed ro be spent in the process (though successes may be traded in to lessen the time at the expense of a bigger catch). Modifiers for dogs and the like still apply.

Trapping works similar to the quick hunting rules above, except that traps are laid in the evening or night and recovered the next morning. Bait can be laid out to target specific catches (meat for wolves, for example). Number and quality of traps effects the number of dice rolled by +1/-1, though it is assumed that all traps be of average quality and about five or ten in number.

Each success lands a smaller animal or two successes a slightly larger specimen, determined by the Seneschal (randomly or at will).

Hunting default: Trapping +3 or Tracking +3

Trapping default: Hunting +3 or Tracking +3

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