The encumbrance rule determines how impeded a character is by the clothing, equipment and armor he is wearing. This provides an immediate and permanent (until he takes the clothing or equipment off) penalty to Move and CP. Fatigue, on the other hand, takes into account the effect weight and load distribution have on a character and gradually imposes increasing penalties. These two factors must be considered separately.


Any movement eventually causes fatigue. Fatigue increases over time, gradually slowing down and tiring out a character.

As outlined in The Flower of Battle (TFOB, p. 33) a character loses 1 CP from fatigue during combat after a number of rounds equal to double his Endurance score (and again after the same period of time again, and so on). Outside combat, Fatigue should be calculated and applied after every increment of double the character’s Endurance score times 30 minutes (a character with an Endurance score of 4 therefore gains fatigue every 8 rounds in combat, or every 4 hours outside combat). Riding a beast is less fatiguing than marching – halve all fatigue penalties in this situation.

Fatigue reduces a character’s CP, and (like Encumbrance) can optionally be applied to any use of a Skill or Attribute where physical exhaustion would be a detriment to the activity being attempted (although as a general rule, only half the current fatigue level should be applied to skill or attribute checks as they use a smaller die pool). Luckily, Fatigue is relatively easy to remove. A few rounds of rest can restore combat fatigue (TFOB, p. 33), although at the Seneschal’s discretion fatigue earned over long periods of activity might require a more substantial period of rest to recover from – for each hour of rest, make a roll to recover fatigue.

Fatigue increments slowly over time (as outlined above) but this rate is increased by the wearing of encumbering or very heavy armor, clothing, or equipment. The total CP penalty determined from armor and the encumbrance rules above should be subtracted from the calculated ENx2 of the character to determine how often they lose 1 CP to fatigue (both in and out of combat). In addition to the penalties calculated above and in the armor section of The Flower of Battle, extra weight will cause fatigue to increment even faster, as outlined in the following table.

Clothing / Equipment / Condition Fatigue penalty
Character carrying less than (ST+EN)x3 pounds of weight in extra equipment None
Character carrying more than (ST+EN)x3 pounds of weight in extra equipment +1
Character carrying more than (ST+EN)x5 pounds of weight in extra equipment +2
Character carrying more than (ST+EN)x10 pounds of weight in extra equipment +3
Character carrying more than (ST+EN)x20 pounds of weight in extra equipment +5
Character Overweight +1
Character Obese +2

The penalty described in this table is not applied to the CP or Move score of the character directly; it is solely used to increase the speed at which fatigue affects the character by further lowering the time intervals between fatigue penalties.

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