Falling describes any uncontrolled descent from a high place to a lower one. It is the landing, not the fall, that causes injury. All damage from falling is based on two factors: how far and onto what. Any time a character falls from an elevated position (be it horse or cliff) consult Table 5.6.

All damage received from a fall is assumed to be Blunt or Bludgeoning damage. Each individual point of damage is randomly distributed to some part of the body, determined by Table 5.7. Damage to areas rolled more than once is cumulative and applied to one d6 roll on the hit location charts.

Table 5.6: Falling

Landing Surface Damage Rating
Soft (hay, matresses, water on a successful swimming roll) 1 per 10' fallen
Hard (ground, stone, armored people, water on a failed swimming roll) 1 per 2' fallen
Mixed (crowd of people, falling – not diving – into shallow water, muddy banks) 1 per 5' fallen

Table 5.7: Allocation of Falling Damage

D1O roll Location
1-2 Zone I
3-4 Zone II
5 Zone III
6 Zone IV
7 Zone V
8-9 Zone VII
0 Zone XII
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