The encumbrance rule determines how impeded a character is by the clothing, equipment and armor he is wearing. This provides an immediate and permanent (until he takes the clothing or equipment off) penalty to Move and CP. Fatigue, on the other hand, takes into account the effect weight and load distribution have on a character and gradually imposes increasing penalties. These two factors must be considered separately.


Items that sit on or around the torso do not encumber the body; unless these items are so inflexible the wearer cannot twist and turn easily. Clothing or equipment that impedes the movement of the arms or legs, however, does so. The rules on TFOB, p. 10+ outline the encumbrance penalties for armor usage. These values should be further increased by other clothing and equipment according to the table below. Remember, this is an encumbrance penalty that always applies (but does not increase) while the character is wearing or using the clothing or equipment in question. The same equipment can also cause increased fatigue.

The calculated CP penalty should also be applied to any skill or attribute use where the character needs to have full range of motion (jumping, climbing, running, swimming, and so on).

Clothing / Equipment CP penalty Move Penalty
Small backpack -1 -
Large backpack -1 -1
Anything that restricts the arms (heavy jacket, heavy long-sleeved robes, etc) -1 -
Anything that restricts the legs (long snug skirt, etc) - -1
Carrying anything heavy or unwieldy (lantern, torch, sack) -1 -1
Carrying anything heavy and unwieldy (a body, a full sack, a large coil of rope) -2 -1
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