Many of the damage table results to the arms or hands call for the character to make a roll to avoid dropping whatever is held in that hand. This section clarifies what roll should be made in that circumstance.

Whenever a character takes a wound to the hand, there is a chance that the character will drop whatever is being held in that hand. Use the character’s Knockdown derived attribute (ST+AG)/2 as the die pool for this roll. The TN is 8, just as in a Knockdown roll, and the penalty or bonus listed in the damage tables modifies the die pool rather than the TN.

If the character rolls one or more successes the item has not been dropped, but a failure indicates that it has, while a botch indicates it has flown out of the characters hand and may have landed some distance away. Note that it is not possible to drop shields (except bucklers) as they are not held but actually strapped to the arm.

In order to pick up a weapon or other dropped item in combat, the character must make a terrain roll against the Duck & Weave TN of 9. This may be made while evading, blocking or parrying, but not while attacking ones opponent. One or more successes indicate that the character has retrieved the item. At the Seneschal’s discretion, this TN may be higher if the item has fallen a distance away because of a botched Knockdown roll (we suggest TN13 – or in other words, time to draw your dagger) or may be lower if the opponent is not attacking the character.

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