If a character wishes to draw a new weapon during combat (whether because his old one has been dropped or broken, or because he was caught without a weapon handy), this is treated as a terrain roll. Note that there is also a faster Quick Draw maneuver for those who have been trained in such matters.

The terrain roll difficulty to draw a new weapon during combat depends on how readily accessible the weapon is, based on the following table. Note that it is not possible to get a weapon out of a backpack during combat unless one has friends who can hold off opponents for a while.

Sample Weapon Location TN
Small weapon (e.g. dagger) in belt or sheath 6
Larger weapon (e.g. sword) in belt or sheath 7
Small weapon in boot 7
“Medium” or shorter weapon in back sheath 8
Weapon length “Long” or longer in back sheath9
Weapon strapped to back Impossible during combat

As with all terrain rolls, dice must be taken from the character’s current CP. If the character has no weapon in hand, use his Wrestling or other unarmed CP, or raw Reflex if he does not have any applicable Proficiency. Drawing the weapon takes a single exchange (during which the character can usually do little except parry or evade), and succeeds as long as one or more successes are rolled on the terrain roll.

After the weapon has been drawn, the character usually faces a moment or two of “readjustment time” to fall into using a possibly different combat style. The current CP (or what is left of it) is retained until the end of the current round, and the new weapon and Proficiency are taken into account when the CP is refreshed at the start of the next round.

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