Common Schools are really a combination of town and village militia-style training in common weapons of raid, defense, and battle. The focus is on both practical tools and common, affordable weapons. Common schools are usually informally organized within individual villages, neighborhoods, and communities. While often illegal in larger metropolitan areas, rural locales and lords often endorse and even supply common schools for the training of levies.

Common schools may have almost any weapon focus, and they tend to have a broader selection of Proficiencies, usually including one or more missile Proficiencies.

Enrollment Requirements: There are not usually any status-based enrollment requirements to a common school, although there may well be an enrollment fee and possible physical requirements for entry.

Primary Focus: Any, as determined by the region and Seneschal.

Specialization: A weapon that can be used with the primary focus.

Secondary Focus: 3 to 5 additional Proficiencies, often at least one missile Proficiency.

Outside Focus: 2-3 other Proficiencies.

Special Benefits: None, other than the wider Proficiency options.

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