Chivalric Schools focus on cavalry battle and the tournament. In recent years the latter has gained precedence over the former as the supremacy of the heavy cavalryman is steadily eclipsed by gunpowder, crossbows, and pike formations. Knights seeking real martial prowess on the battlefield and in the street eventually end up joining a traditional or progressive fighting guild. Such training usually comes at the hands of older knights and masters at arms hired on by the local lord.

Chivalric schools generally focus on mounted combat and weapon-and-shield styles.

Enrollment Requirements: Character must usually be nobility to enroll in a chivalric school. Additionally, being able to ride (well) is generally a strong requirement.

Primary Focus: Usually Lance or Sword & Shield, depending on the school focus.

Specialization: Lance or Arming Sword.

Secondary Focus: Usually Lance or Sword & Shield (whichever is not the primary focus) and one other related Proficiency.

Outside Focus: 1-2 other “noble” Proficiencies

Special Benefits: When mounted, the height CP bonus is increased by an additional +1, and the character gets an additional +1 die on rolls to avoid falling from horseback when struck (see the Mounted Combat section on p.41). Additionally, when using the Cut or Bash maneuvers, Chivalric students may use a “great blow”, setting aside up to 2 dice before the attack to add to damage, instead of the usual 1 die (see the Cut and Bash maneuvers in TROS for further information).

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