The Riddle of Steel core rulebook recommends the following procedure, though the order can be mixed up to suit how you want to put your character together:

  1. Create your character concept. Get an idea in your head about what your character is all about.
  2. Assign priorities. This comes second because it's hard to know how to rank things if you don't know what you're trying to put together. Rank race, social status, attributes, skills, proficiencies, and gifts & flaws from A to F in the way that best suits your character concept.
  3. Spend the resources from your priorities and flesh out some details

Priorities Table

Priority Race Social Attributes Skills Proficiencies Gifts/Flaws
A Fey or Gifted Siehe Landed noble 250 gold 47 6/6 14 2 major gifts
B Non-magical Siehe; Gifted Human; Gifted Halfling Landless noble 100 gold 43 6/7 9 1 major gift
C Non-magical Halfling High freeman 50 gold 39 7/7 6 1 major gift; 1 minor flaw
D Human Low freeman 25 gold 35 8/8 4 1 minor of each or nothing
E Human Peasant 5 gold 31 9/9 2 1 major flaw; 1 minor gift
F Human Slave 0 gold 27 9 0 1 major and 1 minor flaw

In a low-to-no-magic setting, there is basically no point to the “race” priority, leaving it for use as filler, presumably occupying the 'f' priority.

Social Status governs the character's starting material wealth (e.g. how nice your stuff is) and how that character will be perceived in society. Character can use the etiquette skill to try to pass as from another social status, I suppose.

Attributes are the primary means by which you get dice to roll for task resolution (more so with skills, but also with fighting). At character creation no attribute may be under 2 or above 7. At this point you also assign seven total points to five Spiritual Attributes.

Skills are how you determine the target numbers for task resolution. They are purchased in packages, and you can pick up individual skills based on your MA attribute.

Proficiencies govern how skilled you are with a particular fighting style. At character creation no single proficiency may be purchased above 8. Your proficiency plus Reflex is the basis of your Combat Pool.

Gifts & Flaws are inherent advantages or disadvantages a character has in comparison to normal people, frequently with no direct translation to better or worse attributes.

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