Burrowowl's House Rule - not canonical Riddle of Steel rule

If one player character wishes to assist another character (PC or NPC) in a skill roll and has a plausible way to do so (at the Seneschal's discretion), roll the relevant skill check for the assisting character. Any successes (or the Margin of Success, if an opposed roll) are treated as bonus dice for the assisted character.

Example: a character with the Etiquette skill coaching a ruffian on how to present himself to his betters. The first character rolls Ettiquette against a TN set by the seneschal and gets three successes. Presuming the ruffian tries to heed his coach's advice, he gains an additional three dice in his Persuasion roll to plead his petition before a local lord.

Rationale: during many non-combat scenarios, it is common in practice for the most directly-competent character in a field to simply take over the scene, leaving other players at the table with nothing to do but watch, critique, and crack jokes. With a meaningful assist mechanism, all players have some opportunity to contribute to skill-based situations.

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