The Appraisal skill is used whenever a character needs to determine the value or condition of something, or study minutiae in various situations.

The skill can therefore be useful in a criminal sense (MA + Appraisal to determine the value of pilfered items, the difficulty depending on how rare or old/damaged the item is), in an economic sense (Wit + Appraisal to determine on-the-fly how much of a good deal the slightly shady salesman is really offering you) or even socially (Soc + Appraisal to study and calculate the underlying tensions and factions in a courtly environment).


If used in a courtly manner, the Seneschal may allow Appraisal to default from Etiquette (Court) at +2. When used for a craft skill, Appraisal can default from the skill at a penalty of +1 for that skill only (thus a smith is always able to Appraise smith goods, a tailor is always able to Appraise clothing, and so on).

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