A “fine” weapon is one of extraordinary craftsmanship, generally represented in mechanical terms by having a better ATN or DTN than a typical weapon of its type. This should normally reduce the TN by no more than one, and bring the resulting TN to no lower than 5.

Possible rule modification would be to allow fine weapons that already have an ATN or DTN of 5 to instead grant an additional die when used for that purpose? E.g. an arming sword typically has a cut ATN of 6, a thrust ATN of 7, and a DTN of 6. A fine arming sword may have a thrust ATN of 6, a cut ATN of 5, or a DTN of 5 depending on what's so fine about it. A rapier, on the other hand, has a thrust ATN of 5. Making it a fine thrusting rapier would reduce this to 4, which is crazy broken low, so instead grant its wielder an additional die when using it for a thrusting attack.

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