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The following information will present a number of armor types and fashions, along with diagrams and information as to exactly which areas of the body they cover and the penalties for wearing them. Many forms of armor must be individually fitted to the wearer. This will be mentioned in the individual descriptions, but in general applies to everything other than many simple leather or mail jerkins (shirts) or leggings. Improperly fi tted armor carries CP and/or Movement penalties that will be mentioned in the text.

Most forms of armor are designed to be worn over clothing or their own “under-wear”, and as such, it is not generally possible to “double up” protection by wearing one suit of armor under another. In the case of overlapping armor, simply take the highest AV to the overlapped area, but apply both sets of CP and Movement penalties. However, if the optional rules for armor effectiveness versus differing damage types (see p. 13) are being used, then allow the maximum benefi t against each damage type according to the armors stacked. For example, if a long sleeved leather jack is worn under a mail birnie, the AV penalties for both will stack (there is no penalty for leather, so you’re fi ne there), the best AV value will apply (the AV of the chain) and the best effectiveness vs. each type of damage will apply. Leather provides -versus cutting attacks, +1 versus piercing attacks, and -1 versus bashing attacks, while Mail provides +1 versus cutting attacks and -1 versus bashing attacks. Taking the best benefit for each, the combination provides +1 to cutting and piercing attacks but still has -1 against bashing attacks. Remember, these bonuses and penalties will apply to the best AV (that of the mail) for every location covered by both armors.

Armor also affects the fatigue of the wearer – please see the Fatigue rules.

Armor Materials

Unless noted otherwise in the individual sections, the following chart lists the AV of different materials that armor may be fashioned from:

AV Material
1 Heavy and/or padded cloth and the like
2 Leather
3 Light Mail; Cuir Bouilli (Hardened Leather)
4 Scaled Armor; Mail; Light Plate
5 Doubled or Banded Mail; Plate
6 Heavy Plate


  • Heavy/Padded Cloth: Layers of cloth, often padded with small “pillows” of heavy wadded cloth quilted into the fabric.
  • Leather: Usually cow or pig leather, layered and sewn together. Leather may be toughened and hardened by boiling it in oil and fashioning it into shape before it dries and sets. This is often known as Cuir Bouilli.
  • Scaled Armor: Small plates of metal sewn or riveted onto a leather backing. This is sometimes known as Scale Mail, Coat of Plates, or Jazeraint and counts as hard armor for weapons that have extra effect against hard armors. A variant of this is known as Brigandine, where the plates are sewn inside two layers of leather.
  • Mail: Thousands of individual metal rings linked together. At great cost, mail may be “doubled” which uses heavier rings and doubly links them. This toughens the armor but increases the cost and the weight sharply.
  • Banded Mail: “Bands” of metal strips attached to leather, with mail protecting the gaps between the bands. This counts as hard armor for weapons that have extra effect against hard armor.
  • Plate: Plates of metal, riveted together with mail protecting the gaps at body joints (often with additional sections of plate over those joints for extra protection; more below). All plate is, of course, considered hard armor for purposes of weapons that effect hard armor differently.

Armor Types

Some of the individual items described below have fractional CP and/or Movement penalties. When purchasing armor, simply add all of these fractions up, and round up the resulting total to the next highest whole number.

These resulting numbers represent the penalty to the characters base CP and Move scores while wearing the armor. For example, if a character with a CP of 13 and a Move of 7 puts on a regular AV4 mail suit (see below) he suffers a -1 penalty to both, reducing his CP to 12 and his Move score to 6 at all times while wearing it.

Additionally, the total CP penalty applies as an additional activation cost to all evasion maneuvers (including full evade, partial evade and duck & weave, but not parries, blocks, or any other form of defense). The character in the example above would have a 1 die activation cost to evasions he performed in combat while wearing his chain suit. A different character in heavy armor with a large shield who had a CP penalty of 3 would have an additional 3-die activation cost for any evades (on top of having 3 fewer dice in his CP to start with!). In general, the heavier the armor, the harder it is to move about quickly to evade attacks.

In the armor sections that follow, each piece of armor is presented along with its description, the materials it may be fashioned from, and a shaded diagram showing the areas it protects. We have not specifi ed zones that each item protects; remember that the zones represent swinging or thrusting arcs of attack, but not specifi c hit locations. A swing to Zone IV, for example, may hit the upper arm, the shoulder, the upper chest, the neck, or the face. Use the shadings given as a guide to shading in the figure on your character sheet to indicate areas of protection.


From The Flower of Battle:

Item Light-weight Coinage Imperial Standard Coin Heavy-weight Coinage
Body Armor
Aketon 6 copper 3 copper 2 copper
Arming Glove (each) 15 silver 7 silver, 6 copper 4 silver, 6 copper
Banded leather gloves (pair) 12 silver 6 silver 4 silver
Breastplate with leather back 8 gold 4 gold 2 gold, 13 silver
Chausses (with Foot) 5 gold 2 gold, 10 silver 1 gold, 13 silver
Chausses (without Foot) 4 gold 2 gold 1 gold, 6 silver
Cuirass 14 gold 7 gold 4 gold, 13 silver
Cussart, Greaves, Sabaton (pair) 1 gold, 10 silver 15 silver 10 silver
Doublet/Jack (long sleeves) 1 silver, 8 copper 10 copper 6 copper, 2 bits
Doublet/Jack (short sleeves) 1 silver 6 copper 4 copper
Gauntlets, Couter (pair) 1 gold, 5 silver 12 silver 8 silver
Hauberk 6 gold 3 gold 2 gold
Leather boots (pair) 14 silver 7 silver 4 silver, 2 copper
Leather gloves (pair) 2 silver 1 silver 8 copper
Leather Leggings 1 silver 6 copper 4 copper
Leather shoes (pair) 6 silver 3 silver 2 silver
Light Mail Gloves (pair) 8 silver 4 silver 2 silver, 6 copper
Mail (full suit) 10 gold 5 gold 3 gold, 7 silver
Mail shirt/Birnie (long sleeves) 5 gold 2 gold, 10 silver 1 gold, 13 silver
Mail shirt/Birnie (short sleeves) 2 gold, 16 silver 1g, 8 silver 18 silver
Plate (full suit, w/o helm) 30 gold 15 gold 10 gold
Poleyn (pair) 1 gold, 5 silver 12 silver 8 silver
Rerebrace, Vambrace (pair) 1 gold, 10 silver 15 silver 10 silver
Tassets 2 gold 1 gold 13 silver
Aventail 3 silver 1 silver, 6 copper 1 silver
Full helm 1 gold, 10 silver 15 silver 10 silver
Gorget 10 silver 5 silver 3 silver
Kettle 3 silver 1 silver, 6 copper 1 silver
Leather coif 2 silver 1 silver 8 copper
Mail coif 7 silver 3 silver, 6 copper 2 silver, 2 copper
Mail coif with Ventail 8 silver, 6 copper 4 silver 2 silver, 6 copper
Pot helm 10 silver 5 silver 3 silver
Hand “Buckler” shield 10 copper 5 copper 3 copper
Small “round” shield 20 copper 10 copper 6 copper, 2 bits
Medium “heater” shield 3 silver 1 silver, 6 copper 1 silver
Large “kite” shield 5 silver, 4 copper 2 silver, 8 copper 1 silver, 10 copper
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