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Clarify Melee Sequences

What happens if the melee-sequence ends and no-one was injured? Where are the models? Can the charging/moving player continue to finish their movement? Do they reset to outside eachother's melee areas?

How to measure distances

The game is meant to be base-size-and-shape independent. Measure distances from the centre of the base to the centre of the base, or is that too imprecise?

How Horses Works

How about horses have a “speed” value - each turn they can accellerate by up to it, or decelerate by it. Max speed is 2 or three times it, so each time you've moved more than your speed value, you keep a “momentum” counter by the figure, to both remind you it can't stop dead next turn, and will do more damage if it charges.

Seems like it would encourage historical behaviour of gently trotting to near the enemy keeping formation carefully, lining up and then GALLOP LIKE FUCK FOR JUST LONG ENOUGH TO BUILD THE IMPACT.



Army Lists


Play Testing

We need to play test the damn game.

We need to sort out the internal organisation of all this.

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