The models used to play By God’s Blood can broadly be divided into two types - characters and terrain. Characters represent people, while terrain consists of features such as buildings, roads, hedges, walls, rivers, ponds, woods and so on. Generally speaking terrain is static, staying in place throughout the battle.


Characters represent individual people who act upon the battlefield. The model of the character should therefore be an accurate depiction of the character that they represent.


Each character has three attributes. Each of these attributes has three possible states. These are given in the format of Attribute (Worst Level/Middle Level/Best Level) below, followed by a brief description of what the attribute affects:

  • Health (Poorly/Sound/Fit) – Affects things such as how well they can move.
  • Motivation (Reluctant/Willing/Determined) – Affects things such as whether the model runs away.
  • Skill (Recruit/Trained/Veteran) – Affects a lot of things, such as how hard they are to hit in combat.

Thus an Anglo-Saxon ceorl might be described as ‘Aethelbert - Sound. Reluctant. Recruit’, while an English mercenary might be ‘William - Fit. Willing. Veteran.’ Don’t worry about the exact mechanical functions of attributes, these will be explained later.


Each model also has their equipment – weapons, armour and horses for example, all of which must be bought. These are described in more detail in the Armoury section.

Melee Area

Each character has a Melee Area, dependant on what weapons they are equipped with. At any point during a player’s turn, that player may initiate a Melee Sequence between any of his character and any characters controlled by the opposing player that are within that model’s Melee Area. All Melee Areas are measured from the centre of the character's model. Example Melee Areas are:

  • 1“ - This distance represents grappling and wrestling distance. ie. a dagger.
  • 2” – This distance represents the space a man can cut or thrust with a sword-like weapon with a step. ie. a viking sword.
  • 3“ – This distance represents the space a man can attack with a short pole-arm with a step. ie. a bill.
  • 4” – This distance represents the space a man can attack with a long pole-arm. ie. a pike.

Example Equipment

Example missile weapon stats:

C.15th Warbow

Two-handed Missile Weapon

Range: 36“ - Damage Modifier: -

Maille Piercer: The long bodkin points used by archers are designed to break apart the rings of maille armour, popping apart the rivets. Maille armour only gives a 6+ save against longbows.

C15th Windlass Crossbow

Two-handed Missile Weapon

Range: 36” - Damage Modifier: +1

Long Reload: Place an Empty Weapon marker next to the character one they have made a shooting attack. The character may not may a Shooting action in their Action Phase again with this weapon until the Empty Weapon marker has been removed. The Empty Weapon marker is removed at the end of the next Movement Phase if the model did not make a Movement Action. Note that pivoting on the spot does not count as a Movement Action.

Wooden Shield

One-handed Melee Defence

Shield: Melee and Missile attacks against a character wielding a shield have a -1 penalty to their To Hit rolls, representing the character's active defense.

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