Game Mechanics

By God’s Blood is a war game. It is played with models of toy soldiers and the battlefield that they fight on. Players imagine that they control opposing forces of men which are engaged in conflict and violence, governed by a formal set of rules. The players of the game do so because they find it a fun recreational activity - although they should try and see their forces ‘win’ on the battlefield, the rules exist as an impartial guideline for what happens. Players are more then welcome to make up their own ‘house rules’ and agreements. In the event of a disagreement or misunderstanding over the rules, players should roll a dice to randomly decide whose interpretation or understanding should be used for the rest of the battle.

This set of rules was designed with the intention of being played with 28mm scale models - either ‘True Scale’ or ‘Heroic’, made by companies such as Games Workshop.

The Turn

In By God’s Blood, players take turns for their forces to act. For example, Player A has his Turn 1, then Player B has his Turn 1. Then Player A has his Turn 2, and so on.

Each player’s turn is divided into phases. In order, they are the:

  • Book-keeping Phase – in which models attempt to rally, break-tests are made and so on.
  • Movement Phase – in which models move.
  • Action Phase – in which models try and damage other models and other such excitements.

Thus, Player A’s first turn consists of a Book-keeping Phase, followed by a Movement Phase, followed by an Action Phase.

Melee Sequences

Missile Attacks

Line of Sight

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