By God's Blood.

Rules for Medieval and Early Renaissance Skirmish Games.

“By God's blood, thy father slew mine, and so will I do thee and all thy kin.”

~ The Lancastrian Lord Clifford, on the slaying of Yorkist Edmund, Earl of Rutland during the Battle of Wakefield, 30 December 1460

Key Aims:

  • To make a skirmish game played with 8-12 28mm models.
  • To make a quick to play (less than an hour for a 'standard' play) game.
  • To make a game that is cheap to play, using existing model ranges - you can have your entire force out of a single Perry Twins plastic box, or with your existing Mordheim Warband.
  • To make a game that has verisimilitude to people trying to physically break one another.

Let's Go Deeper:

  • Game Mechanics for the beginning of the section on the mechanics of the game.
  • Models for a brief overview of the types of models used and how they affect the game.

To Do List Input is wanted! Help to make this game. Help to make it playable too.

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